The history of Snezka Nachod

The company was founded in 1950 as a Cooperative society and named after the highest mountain of the Czech Republic – Snezka [ in Czech Sněžka ]. The original manufacturing programme was sewing bags, handbags, purses and wallets which could be found in shops all over Czechoslovakia and even farther.

The scope and volumes were rapidly growing from year to year to such an extent, that in 1970 Sněžka had over 500 employees working in 20 workshops.

Year 1992 brought a transformation to the company. Still in the same year Snezka began to import some of the production materials from China and Korea.

Year 1993 was a landmark for Snezka. The new scope of activity became sewing the car headrests which meant changing the whole strategy of the company.

The press on reducing prices in haberdashery made Snezka, like other producers in the field, transfer producing some less difficult products to China in 1997.

In 2005 Snezka proliferated by buying Bentex in South Bohemia, a company having similar program like Snezka itself.

In 2006 Snezka expanded beyond the Czech borders by purchasing co. Autotex in Snina (East Slovakia), where subsequently a part of Snezka's production was transferred.

A year later, in 2007, company Stival was purchased and renamed to Stival Automotive. As the name suggests, Stival Automotive manufactures for the automotive industry as well.

Year 2017 New production factory was opened in Snina.

Year 2022 Snezka became part of the holding company RIQ Investments.

‌At the present Snezka pertains to the largest Cooperative companies in the Czech Republic with the main manufacturing programme focused on sewing parts for the automotive industry. Among the commodities Snezka produces within that branch, belong headrests, armrests or seats.
A part of the company, however, still produces the traditional haberdashery, so typical of Snezka.

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